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Teresa Jantz
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May 09 2019


9:00 AM - 6:30 PM



Reiki Review Classes

Pre-requisite:  To qualify to take a Reiki Review class with Teresa Jantz at a discounted price, the student must have already taken that same Reiki class (any level) in which Teresa Jantz was the instructor/master teacher.

Why review a Reiki class with Teresa that you have already taken with her?

Although not necessary, most find it is extremely helpful to review any Reiki class. As time goes by we have more opportunities to think about and practice Reiki. We continue to grow in life experiences and we approach each day with a new understanding of things whether we are aware of the lessons we have gained or not.

Students find when reviewing a Reiki class they are able to allow their minds to relax a bit more since they are not hearing the information for the first time. Students often state that they understand what is being taught at a deeper level than previously because they are ready to hear and understand it at a different level.

Some master students choose to review a class right before getting ready to teach a Reiki class themselves. This can boost their confidence and helps as a refresher with the material covered.

Teresa has reviewed all the levels of Reiki several times and has always walked away from each repeated class feeling that she learned something new. Even when the same words are shared during class, the material is understood at a deeper level than the first time the class was taken.

Trust your inner guidance on whether or not reviewing a class is right for you.

Dates: Please look at the 2019 Reiki Class Schedule for dates, locations and class levels that you have already taken and want to consider reviewing.

Registration is required and space is limited.

The event is finished.

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