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International Center for Reiki Training, Inc. (ICRT)

Teresa Jantz is a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher (LRMT) with The International Center for Reiki Training (ICRT). The Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Training Program is an advanced course of study which is approximately 1000 hours of training which can take 3-5 years to complete. This training is only available for Reiki Master student teachers that have been accepted into the program and have taken all the ICRT Reiki levels of Reiki classes - I & II, ART, Master, Karuna Reiki®, with a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher. The LRMT Program also shows a professional commitment to Reiki and promoting Reiki at a high level. There are currently 35 Licensed Reiki Master Teachers with the ICRT.

Benefits of Taking a Reiki Class with a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher

  1. Teresa's classes are thoroughly prepared to match the ICRT required comprehensive curriculum
  2. You will receive a Reiki manual by William Lee Rand for each Holy Fire® III level.
  3. With the completion of your Reiki class you will receive an ICRT student certificate signed by both Teresa Jantz and William Rand.
  4. An innovative and comfortable learning environment where you are safe to ask questions, explore and play.
  5. Teresa follows the ICRT Standards of Practice and
  6. Abides by the ICRT Code of Ethics.
  7. Teresa's Holy Fire® III Reiki Classes as a Licensed Reiki Master Teacher (LRMT) will also provide the necessary qualifications for you to apply to become a professional member of the ICRT Reiki Membership Association ( and/or
  8. Help meet requirements if at sometime you wish to apply to the ICRT Licensed Reiki Master Teacher Training Program
  9. A commitment from a Reiki teacher as a Reiki resource in the future.