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The Online Energy Talk Series

Exciting energy topic talks you won’t want to miss!

– Developing Your Intuition
– Clearing and Protecting Your Home and Aura
– Listening to Your Guides/Angels
– Meridian Pathways
– Understanding Chakras
– Reiki and the Energy Body
– Lessons from Living Abroad
– Healing Crystals and Grids
– The Art of Meditation
– The Five Elements

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Talks are scheduled for the last Wednesday of the month.

    Choose all topics for $33  |   6 topics for $25   |   $10 per topic

Learn easy and effective techniques to strengthen your intuition.

Discover ways to trust your natural instincts more and build a strong foundation of inner guidance for improving your health and lifestyle.

Simple and effective ways to clear and protect your personal space. 

Learn techniques that will help you eliminate negativity in your life and protect yourself.

Tap into the messages the universe is sending. 

Develop and enhance ways to understand and listen to your guides/angels.

Learn how energy flows throughout your body.

Understand the basic concepts of meridians in Oriental medicine.

Easy and effective techniques to balance the main chakras of the body.

Helpful insights into how chakras function within the body.

Learn how this Japanese healing art has helped millions of people around the globe. 

An introduction into how Reiki works with the energy body and how it can improve your life.

Teresa’s life stories about living in several different countries.

Understand the benefits of using crystals to enhance physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Easy and effective ways to use crystals and grids to improve your life.

Introduction to techniques for calming your mind and developing inner peace.  

Develop your personal meditation practice into a source of inner strength.

Learn the basics of how the Five Elements work within your body. 

Discover the connection of the Five Elements to the flow of energy throughout your body.